Monday, March 25, 2013

A viral traffic method for any website!

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A powerful viral traffic method for any website!

How I got results like this (just one example):

(over 100,000 visitors from other authority high PR
websites that chose to link to my web-page

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This is a fantastic strategy to get viral traffic together with viral backlinks! Don't care if you are blogger or internet marketer, you can tap on this viral power in any niche. Period!

Just grabbed it!

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My head is spinning with possibilities after reading this WSO.

It's a fantastic way to leverage your competition and the biggest players to drive lots of highly targeted traffic to your niche website, and pump up your rankings with authority links.

And it's 100% white hat backlinking, exactly the way google WANTS you to do it.

The viral aspect is just mindblowing really.


Dear Warrior,

Ever wonder why the most popular websites get loads of traffic and you don't? What's the key difference?

Ever wonder why loads of Warriors are struggling to get traffic yet are doing all the link building they have been told to?

Now don't get me wrong, there are many great link building and traffic strategies around BUT nobody is prepared to face the real truth of what it takes to get huge traffic.

How I Discovered the Hidden World of Viral Marketing...

Most viral marketers do it for the love and the rush of doing something awesome.

I used to work as a blogger for $5 per post for a major blog network (owned by a household brand name), and they introduced me to viral marketing.

They'd pay me $50 for a viral piece and I'd hit the front page of Digg. I soon realized I could be earning a LOT more doing it myself.

My first attempt by myself earned me around $350 with Adsense, that was many years ago. A LOT has changed since then.

Over the years I studied and learned from some of the top viral marketers out there. This is an underground crowd with powerful influence that tend to keep very quiet about what they do.

Getting in their inner-circle wasn't easy, but over the years I learned an incredible viral traffic method.

I didn't invent this, but I've done a good job at perfecting it.


A 100+ Year Old Method Perfected For the Internet
Yes this method was around BEFORE the internet, but the internet has made it even more powerful, but not only that, it is accessible to anyone who can put up a website.

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This is simply BRILLIANT!

As a former publisher both for print magazines as well as niche internet portals, I can tell you that Chris traffic method described here really WORKS. I don't want to reveal too much, but this is Content Marketing on steroids.

This will bring you the best quality backlinks you can dream of, but hey, there is some work to do... I'm not talking about quantity of work but rather taking a smart approach to traffic. I love it!


Stop Fighting For Scraps & Just Crush It in ANY Niche!

The average internet marketer is scared of viral marketing, but that's because they don't understand it. 

They spend all their time producing websites nobody likes or wants, because they think that is the quick and easy way to profits. 


Those people have probably never had a genuine Facebook like in their life. They spend their time begging for attention, scrambling for links, and seeing their business struggle to make money.

There are LESS people doing viral marketing than there are doing aggressive SEO and greyhat link building.


My Results...

This method has produced some of my biggest traffic days and I consistently get results like these:

  • Typically 10,000-100,000 unique visitors in 48 hrs
  • 5-6 figure long term traffic
  • Hundreds of NATURAL high quality link from true authority sources
  • Big boost to SERPs and many top 10 rankings
  • Earn an extra $1000 or more in 24 hours, plus continual earnings into the long term.

BE WARNED! These are my results, not yours!

I am a professional at this and its a big reason (if not main reason) why my websites have had millions of visitors. I make absolutely no guarantees about what results you will have. 

I am a marketer second to being a realist and an honest person. That's why I have to tell you your results are ultimately down to you, all I can do is show you what I did, it is up to you to take action.

I show you EVERYTHING I do to get those results, you just have to do it yourself, to the letter!

The first time I attempted it I got awesome results just like those above, and I have fine tuned this method after doing this successfully over and over again!

This method is handed over to you on a plate. 

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