Monday, March 25, 2013

Cheap Professional Intro for my videos

Hi, now you can order a intro for your videos in youtube or other website and we can make it for you if you want to order one or have one question about the price or something you can contact us in the blog or via gmail : we can do a exelent intro for you for a really low cost you only have to sent us the info you want in the intro and your design brief or songs for the intro , colors you prefeer etc so if you are intresting in this please take the time to cantact us and we respond your question the fast is posible here we have one example of intro that we do and we can add your intro special effects like rain, explosion and we can do text intros like in the example and we cando do a intro with your logo but you have to sent it to us, everything you want just contact us, thanks.

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