Friday, March 29, 2013

Loss Weight

Energy Balance

It should be a balance between the energy we eat and the energies we spend, we get the we eat as we eat different foods which each has different amounts of energy, and we burn or spend it hacemosp or through exercise, breathing and keeping the body active. balance between we eat and spend must be equal to maintain our weight and stay healthy.

Bad diets distribution

Many people which are overweight try to diet and exercise to reach eating diet which often have some side effects which affect our body and often not help us to lose weight is very important to know as by simply exercising fences does not mean that you lose weight as there are other important factors in this is good to know that this diet is important: alimentarce correctly 50%, 30% and 20% exercices sleep well, with this we note that there are several factors that affect the time to lose weight.

Sleep Well

It has been scientifically proven that poor sleep is a very important factor in the causes of obesity and that during sleep our body does to maintain a healthy balance in the hormone that makes us feel hungry and makes us feel full also been found than those with few hours of sleep are more likely to be obese in the future.

Our Recommendations

Because I raised up and personal experiences we recommend you best to visit your doctor or nutritionist to examine you and give you a professional and personalized recommendation as not all have the same body so we are not equal and all diet and exercise funcinan us the same way everyone always tries to keep a healthy diet and take some exercise routine exercises especially if cardiobasculares because besides that help you lose weight will also help in the functioning of your heart and equally sleep well, get enough rest your body needs and always remember that with this step not only make be healthier and live a better life but also feel good about yourself will achieve thereby octaculos you can overcome that come your way and you can overcome because there is nothing better than having confidence in yourself.

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