Saturday, April 27, 2013

Speed Draw Videos Close Clients On Auto Pilot

Mobile Is The Single Greatest Marketing Breakthrough EVER INVENTED

This mobile SUPER-TREND is the fastest growing discovery in history…with numbers only climbing as seconds pass…valuable seconds that often separate success from failure…victory from defeat…and viable opportunities from distant memories…
Today, you have an incredible opportunity at your fingertips…to capitalize on this Mobile Marketing Super Trend…and right from the beginning…

Attn: Warriors and Offline Consultants

My name is Bill Holton, my fellow warrior Chase Winslow and I have been killing it with mobile BUT believe me it hasn't always been that way. I'll admit I was just about to throw in the towel because I couldn't get myself to even walk into a business let alone try and sell them something.

I would get in my car and drive around all day burning gas, passing business after business, finally after passing the same business for the 10th time I would muster up the nerve to go inside only to get crushed by the gatekeeper and sent on my way with my tail between my legs all red in the face and frustrated. I was on my way to the poor house fast.

Then The Quotes Started Coming In. I Couldn't Believe How Much Time And Effort It Took To Make This Type Of Video And How Expensive A Short 1 Minute 30 Second Video Was To Produce

I have taken all the expense out of this for you, releasing Volume 1 of the videos I use in my business every day. Not just a generic version of some broad based video but 3 laser targeted videos per vertical (Mobile Website, SMS Marketing and Mobile Apps) professionally copy written addressing the problem business owners are facing and offering a solution that will have your phone ringing and clients writing the check guaranteed!

Restaurants lead the way as the most searched business on a mobile device hands down. With stats like this "Mobile searches related to restaurants have a conversion rate of 90% with 64% converting within the hour. (Source: xAd and Telemetrics, 2012) it's easy to understand why.

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